We’re more connected than ever, thanks to technology, and we’ve also never been more disconnected. Poor communication is crippling businesses; producing demotivated teams, low productivity, and continual conflict.

International speaker Janeen Sonsie shows business leaders and teams how to break through the blockages that stifle their profitability - by getting real with each other.

Janeen has that rare combination – a technical pedigree with an intimate understanding of the heart of business.

Armed with Janeen’s practical tools, businesses build productive, authentic relationships - leading to lower staff turnover, less workplace squabbling and sabotage, and more engaged people.

The many sides of Janeen

During her 25 years in the IT industry – from hands-on technical roles to sales, marketing and management - Janeen worked with some of the globe’s biggest names. As a professionally-trained actor, she learned how to tap into her real self, to draw on her own authentic experiences to bring a character to life.

Janeen knows how volatile business can be: she’s experienced redundancy, personal loss and the serious impacts of non-existent communication. That’s what keeps her fired up to change the way people do business – creating amazing workplaces based on integrity, empathy and respect.

Her qualifications say it all: as well as a Bachelor of Science (Computer Science), Janeen has a Master of Marketing and has lectured in marketing subjects including Customer Relationship Management. Combine that with her vast professional and personal experience, and businesses have access to a power-house of help in growing robust relationships.

Technology Company Understanding

Janeen understands technology companies and their challenges in communication, such as getting the sales and marketing people on the same page as the techies to coordinate messaging. Having worked in every area of IT companies; from programming in her early days, to customer service to sales and marketing, partner management to senior management with responsibility for sales, marketing, pre-sales and channel partners. She understands how technology and service companies work and the strategies they need to succeed.

Justin Sway Founder and Former CEO FastTrack Recuitment Software
"Janeen is a true Sales professional, who has a real talent for sales training in the art of "Strategic Sales". Through her fantastic program, my sales team and I were able to apply proven methodologies to our business, resulting in significant medium and large enterprise sales being achieved over many more years. This truly made the difference in making my company the recognised number 1 software provider to the Australian Recruitment Industry."

ACE Coaching

Supporting your leaders and teams, in 1 on 1 or group sessions or a combination of both, we will coach your organisation through the culture change of creating Energetic Engagement through ACE -Authenticity, Communication and Emotional Health. Janeen and her partners have been coaching people for over 20 years to be the best leaders and team members they can be.

Leadership Mentoring

Powerfully lead with emotional intelligence and authenticity to motivate teams and minimise conflict. It can be a lonely role taking your organisation through a cultural change to being great communicators. There is resistance and conflict to deal with. When you are at the top, there is often no-one to share your issues and challenges with. We will support you, hand in hand, to engage your teams by being a great communicator. We provide advice and guidance for you to successfully overcome the challenges.

Keynote Speaking

As an international speaker, Janeen will engage your audiences with valuable insights and practical tools along with some fun. Her speaking topics are:

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Create Energetic Engagement in your team through Janeen's workshops which are as enjoyable as they are practical and enlightening. Choose from the topics below or have Janeen tailor a workshop specific for your team.

Partners and Tools

Janeen partners with organisations that are in alignment with her values and provide complimentary services. Working with her partners, Janeen is able to provide for all of your needs in affecting the change you desire in your organisation.