How We Help

“Great communication is like a dance; stepping forward and back together, leading and responding, being in synergy. It creates a connection that leaves you feeling engaged and motivated.”


It can be very difficult to choose a coach/mentor/trainer to work with to grow your business and your teams with so many offerings of different services available. It is a big commitment and investment in your people and your business with the goal of ultimately increasing revenue and profitability.

To help you make a decision ask yourself these 4 questions:

  1. Does what they say resonate with me and what I want for my business?
  2. Do I like them and want to work with them as a partner to my business?
  3. Do I feel understood and supported by them?
  4. Do I believe that they can deliver what I need in my business?

Like you, it is important to me to work with people who I like and who like me, because I want to partner with and support them to be a company people want to work in and customers want to do business with.

When working with clients, I draw from my unique combination of:

  • Sales and marketing in B2B business – giving me a business focus and strategic understanding
  • Many years’ experience in managing and teaching business relationship management resulting in a great appreciation of how such relationships work – or not
  • 20 years’ research and education in personal development with a focus on communication and relationships
  • A highly tuned intuition that enables me to read between the lines and get what is really going on quickly

I also partner with people and organisations who align with what I offer and complement my services to provide exactly what my clients need.

I trust that works for you and that you take the opportunity to work with me to grow your people and business. Register now for a free 50 minute discovery session so we can find out if we align with each other.


Our programs are a customised combination of online and in person training clinics and follow up coaching that ensures you achieve your desired results in changed behaviour and culture. We help you make sure your teams are doing the best job they can and we are also there to support you all you want.

The sort of work we do with organisations requires cultural and behavioural change which doesn't happen overnight (as much as we may wish it would). Real change requires an ongoing program of reinforcement and follow up for it to meet the potential goals.

This doesn't happen in a black box though. You will know whether the outcomes you want are achieved because we will measure them so you can easily stay on top of what is going on and make any required changes along the way.

After initial discussions about what you need, we tailor the program to meet your requirements in content, time and budget.




It can be a lonely and very stressful role leading your organisation, especially when trying to make cultural changes to improve communication. It seems that almost everyday you come up against resistance and conflict and people issues. When you are at the top, there is often no-one to share these challenges with and sometimes it can feel all too much.

We will support you, hand in hand so to speak, to manage your stress and energy levels through:

  • understanding how the brain works
  • techniques for calming the mind and sorting priorities
  • ways to effectively communicate what you need
  • successful ways to engage your teams

Our coaching program will be tailored for what you need and to fit with your time demands so you can sleep soundly at night. We will ensure you get to where you want to go, and feel proud of your achievement.


The basis of great engagement is great communication and high positive energy. People will engage with you when they feel heard, understood and respected . That is how you build relationships that help everyone get to where they want to go.

Our EnergiseTEAMS program for sales, marketing and service teams, focuses on getting the right communication happening where and when it is needed to build the relationships that achieve both personal and business objectives. It is about open communication with a positive attitude and intent. It is how we communicate and what we say to motivate people for them to want to be highly productive.

You will learn tools and techniques for being a great communicator, how to really connect with people and what is important to include in your communication to effect the desired change.


Janeen will deliver a high energy presentation for you whether you need an engaging facilitated discussion in a small group, a customised in-house program to transform your team, or a motivational keynote to a large conference. With many years of experience delivering presentations, from half an hour to several days for both small and large audiences, Janeen’s passion and expertise in her topic and insight into people always gets the audience energised, open to new possibilities and laughing.

Her topics are:

  • Leadership that Amps up the Energy
  • Getting REAL in your Communication
  • Emotional Fitness Bootcamp


Janeen partners with organisations that are in alignment with her values and provide complimentary services. Working with her partners, Janeen is able to provide for all of your needs in affecting the change you desire in your organisation.


PeopleData  and Dr Lucia Kelleher

Lucia is a behavioural psychologist who identified "Busy Brain Syndrome" in her PhD. We work together to help people reduce their stress levels to a manageable level that enables their creativity, effective decision making and a good night's sleep.

People Data also provide the software tools that measure how people are progressing in their process of change. These tools provide you with real-time information of how well your team is doing and where they need support.


InsightGuru is a fabulous new tool for running research surveys and evaluations. We are developing new evaluation tools using the InsightGuru platform.


Engaging your customers starts with your sales, marketing and service teams, ensuring they are communicating effectively to build profitable relationships.

EnergiseSales is a program that shows sales people how to build relationships with the right people in the prospects organisation. The focus is on strategic relationship development to support your future customer through the buying and implementation process in a way that reduces their fear and risk. It's about showing them how easy it is to do business with you. We can also coach your through your key opportunities on an ongoing basis to ensure the change in sales process is effectively implemented.

EnergiseMarketing works with the marketing team to guide them through identifying your most profitable customers and then define a strategic communications plan that will engage your customers in the right level of relationship for them.

EnergiseService is about helping the service teams to recognise how important each company is to your business and how best to communicate with them, based on the strategic communications plan .