Discover The B.A.L.L.S. The 5 Authentic Strategies to be a Great Communicator


In today's digital world we're more connected than ever, yet often we struggle to truly communicate with those around us.

If you've ever felt that people just don't "get" you, or you can't say what you mean in a work or personal situation, then this book is for you!

Putting these BALLS in play will:

  • Dramatically increase your ability to influence and engage others
  • Power-charge your relationships and creates more positive connections
  • Enable you to tackle difficult conversations and get positive results
  • Let you confidently be the REAL you

Get the Balls to Get Real is a light-hearted read with a serious message - giving you new skills and insights to transform the way you communicate.

In fact, the more you use the BALLS, the better your relationships, both business and personal, will be and the more connected you will feel.


The first person you need to be open and honest with is you, before you can be open and honest with anyone else. This is where we start to get real! We cannot expect anyone else to listen to how we feel if we don’t listen to our self.”

“Being authentic in your communication requires courage. We need to be prepared to stand up for what we feel and express ourselves, even when the going gets tough. We need to communicate in a loving, caring and empathic way with everyone.”

“As soon as we blame someone else for anything in our life, we play the victim. When we play victim, we give away our power – our power to change and our power to create the life and relationships we want.”


What people who have read the book are saying?

This book is one of those rare gems - Janeen strikes a deep chord that shifts beliefs and behaviour, and at the same time leaves a smile on your face with her fun, cut-through-the-fluff delivery. Highly recommended!

Dr Neryl East

Reputation Expert, Author and Keynote Speake
There are lots of books available that offer theoretical perspectives on how to improve our connection with each other and ourselves. This book takes real world examples and learnings from Janeen's life, then outlines a practical, step-by-step process to get the benefit without all the struggle. Easy to read, easy to apply - you just need to ‘get real' and make it happen!

Helen Mac

Keynote Speaker and Founder of The Optimist Zone

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