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Companies with Engaged Employees Outperform those without it by up to 202%*

71% of all employees are not fully engaged. 26% are actually actively disengaged.*

We are struggling to survive in a business world of increasing VUCA: Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, Ambiguity - and with less and less resources. We are working longer hours, spending more time on digital devices and less time actually talking to people and we are not allowing time to wind down. As a result, our teams are increasingly overwhelmed, stressed, exhausted and ultimately disengaged. This becomes the culture of our organisation.

We cannot keep working this way because if our people are disengaged, then our customers will disengage and performance all round will plummet.

Work with us to raise your energy, be a great communicator, engage with your teams and customers and watch your business thrive.

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Energy is Vital

We all carry our energy with us all the time and it changes depending on the space we are in at the time. When we are feeling down and negative or highly stressed, we have low energy and don't get as much done as we could. When we are feeling good and positive about ourselves, we have high energy and are far more motivated and productive.

This individual energy culminates into the organisational energy and affects how we communicate and relate, which in turn determines how well we engage with others. It feeds the culture of your business.

It is important that the energy you bring to work is as authentically positive as possible. We work with Execs and teams to amp up their energy, moving from negative to positive. The result is better stress management, increased cooperation, enhanced relationships and more fun at work.

It's All About Communication

Poor communication is the cause of most issues in business and can be a lack of communication or mis-communication. It is the major reason for lack of engagement by employees and customers and the most common reason they leave.

“Companies with highly effective communication had 47% higher returns to shareholders over the last 5 years compared with firms who did not.” ~ David Grossman 2011

Highly effective communication is based on authenticity, integrity, empathy and respect and creates high engagement. We work with you and your teams to implement great communication through workshops and coaching with an engaging communication strategy.

Executive Coaching

The executive role can seem like a lonely and overwhelming one. It can be hard to find people to whom you can talk about your issues easily. So you keep pushing yourself to perform at your max, under the constant pressure of hitting goals,  whilst feeling unsupported.

This stress drastically inhibits your creativity and decision-making ability by creating brain fog and a constant tiredness, affecting both your business and personal life. If you keep going like that you will burn-out.

We coach executives and managers who are seeking to:

  • Manage overwhelm to create a sustainable work-life balance
  • Increase their energy and improve their communication
  • Feel more supported, balanced, confident and alive

Programs to Increase Sales, Marketing and Service Engagement

Level of engagement is a strong indicator of motivation, loyalty and enjoyment for employees and especially crucial for your customer facing teams. Employees who are not engaged will:

  • Be easily distracted from what they are meant to be doing with sickies, breaks and unproductive chats
  • Be unhappy in what they are doing with negative talk and attitude
  • Not provide the best level of customer care

Resulting in low productivity, high staff turnover and poor customer relationships - all reducing your profit.

We work with you to customise a program of workshops and coaching that will change the culture and amp up the energy of your organisation, with measured results.

Strategic Sales, Marketing and Customer Service Team Engagement

Your sales, marketing and customer service teams are the front line that engage and build your relationships with your customers. If they are not working strategically, with high energy and great communication, then your customer relationships will be suffering.

Poor communication and integration between these teams results in confusion for everyone, particularly the clients. Customer relationship development needs to have a strategic approach right from opportunity management in the sales cycle through to implementation and support.

Sales and marketing is our specialty area, especially for B2B technology companies. We work with your teams to ensure a strategic approach that engages the right customers in the right way.

Who is Janeen Sonsie?

As the founder of Get Real Communication and a seasoned sales and marketing professional, Janeen leverages a rare combination of a technical pedigree with an intimate understanding of the heart of business, drawing on her extensive experiences from Technology businesses. Her specialty is developing high performing sales, marketing and service teams through communication that is based on the values of integrity, respect and empathy to create high energy engagement.

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